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Author of the new book, The Green Edge, Tom Bowman believes working for success and social benefit go hand in hand. A social entrepreneur, business owner and respected collaborator with science experts, Tom helps executives, managers, marketers and educators discover the positive nexus.
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"Tom provides just the right amount of inspiration and big picture information along with practicality and ideas for action. Whether Tom is talking about setting big, audacious goals, or providing real-world examples for other business people to follow, he pushes us all toward greater achievements in sustainability." Jeri Gill, CEO, Sustainable Napa County
"When I think of Tom Bowman, I think of someone who can take a large amount of information and compress it into bite-sized pieces that a group of us can get our arms around." Sally Shifke, President of the Board of Directors, Childrens’ Museum of Tampa
"Tom Bowman is an amazing voice for environmental consciousness. Audiences respond to his clarity and commitment as he helps them implement green action plans for their companies." Margit Weisgal, Trade Show Exhibitors Association
"I call it the ‘Bowmanscope’—expressing the core of a vision with a clarity that speaks to the heart." Brad Rothenberg, World Cup Organizing Committee