Bowman Change, Inc.

bowman.change - Work with Purpose(tm)

Getting people to change for the better can be hard work. But getting people moving together toward on an inspiring vision is an entirely different proposition. When an idea is clear, a mission is compelling and the steps are both rewarding and practical, people get going. That’s how forward-thinking organizations succeed.

Bowman Change, Inc. helps them get there.

We help progressive businesses, cultural institutions, non-profits and government agencies find opportunities to improve core performance, reduce unnecessary costs and build stronger reputations by working with purpose to make positive changes for people and the environment. When key audiences and stakeholders are outside the organization, we develop outreach strategies to promote effective engagement.

Counsel —Sustainability built into the organization and brand
When organizations are looking to implement change, we facilitate the process. We help organizations move through goal setting to building collaboration and trust to move the needle—at the executive level and in the trenches—to optimize core performance through sustainable action.

Workshops —Hands-on training for successful implementation
Workshops are a cost-effective way for groups of smaller businesses, trade associations and others to engage in positive change. The half-day curriculum combines the best science with business practice to help each participant find opportunities to change for the better.

Stakeholder Engagement —Reaching the wider world
When the challenge involves communication and outreach to stakeholders—such as customers, suppliers, policymakers and the public—we develop the strategies to help everyone engage. We help leading businesses, cultural institutions and government agencies bring opportunities into sharp focus.

Working with purpose is about creating clarity, inspiration and motivation.

“Tom Bowman is a highly motivational workshop leader and as a small business owner himself, Tom expertly communicates how small businesses can take both short and long terms steps to implement a green business plan.”
Amy E. Holm, Program Director, The Climate Registry

“For the last decade, we have been slowly greening our company through cost savings potential and forced legislative and regulatory compliance. Tom demonstrated how we can continue our greening processes at our own, quicker pace. And more importantly, on our terms.”
Joshua Owen, President, Ability/Tri-Modal Transportation Services, Inc.