Ask Mr. Green: Can you recommend a Green exhibit awards program?

Ask Mr. Green: Can you recommend a Green exhibit awards program?

Does our industry recognize Green leaders? Via EXHIBITOR

That’s a great question and your timing is perfect. The Exhibit Designers and Producers Association (EDPA) just launched its first-ever sustainability awards competition. Your company and your exhibit house can be among the inaugural winners.

Called the Zero Waste Design & Build Challenge, the contest combines the best in exhibit marketing, design and sustainable practices.

Think outside the recycled box

Many industries are searching for ways to go Green, and the corporate events industry is no exception. Sustainability is emerging a requirement for most Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Green has become an important metric for measuring success and customer loyalty.

But sustainability isn’t just a formula. So the Zero Waste Challenge is designed to harness our industry’s enormous creative and competitive energy in order to discover, reward and publicize great ideas.

After all, cookie cutter marketing never gives the best results. So it is with sustainability. Breakthroughs involve creative thinking and clear objectives. Those who enter this competition will apply waste-reduction principles to a diverse array of projects in order to strike gold.

Green doesn’t mean granola

The Challenge will reward excellence in event marketing, design, and environmental thinking. The days of recycled cardboard walls are gone. More and more companies are discovering that environmental performance is good for their brands, good for their bottom lines, and good for the environment too.

The EDPA will recognize projects that embrace this approach. Think of the Zero Waste Challenge as a design competition and sustainability contest rolled into one—and plan to take stunning photos of your project on the show floor.

Garbage in, garbage out

You can think of waste in three ways.

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