Ask Mr. Green: How does my company start “going green”?

Ask Mr. Green: How does my company start “going green”?

My boss is freaking out about the environment. It’s kind of scary. He says we have to do everything differently. Where should we start?  (via EXHIBITOR)

Sounds like your boss was paying attention last spring! That’s when a huge shift in environmental news took place. A series of big time reports all said pretty much the same thing: It’s time to get going on Green.

It’s only human to be upset by this, and your boss seems to want results. But you can’t do everything at once. So let’s take stock before diving in.

A Brave New World

The spring of 2014 will be remembered as the moment when “our future” became “today.” New reports from the IPCC and the National Climate Assessment said that people are feeling the effects of our changing climate already.

Meanwhile, the American Association for the Advancement of Science, which is the largest general science membership organization in the world, issued a short little report titled “What We Know.” It delivered three simple messages.

First, based on the evidence, about 97 percent of climate experts agree that human-caused climate change is happening. When was the last time nearly every expert agreed about anything?

Second, we should pay attention to the high end of the risk spectrum because scientists can’t rule out the possibility of “massively disruptive consequences.” That’s the scary stuff. As if to drive this point home, NASA reported that a large part of Antarctic’s ice sheet will inevitably slide into the ocean, raising sea level quite a bit higher.

Third, taking action quickly can reduce the risks and save a lot of money.

Business On the Move

The news sent a ripple through the business world. Going Green used to be a marketing slogan, but now it’s a core strategy. Andrew Winston, bestselling author of Green to Gold has released a new book titled The Big Pivot. He writes about companies making it their mission to solve these global challenges and then figure out how to do it profitably.

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